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About Us


Our corporate vision is to design trendy clothes for our customers in international competition, which shine exceptionally. We want other people who are not yet part of our clientele to get to know our exclusive quality. A satisfaction of the needs of women who love good wearing comfort and at the same time want to contribute something to make the world a little better. Part of the profits from our designs goes directly to our non-profit foundation “Beauty for Hope”, which supports children in need. Our vision is to build the "House of Hope" as the first project. This house is to be built on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


Yoana Montero creates glamorous and elegant dresses with an excellent quality and an original design, which quickly arouses interest in women and gives them the feeling of uniqueness and specialty.


We believe that this challenge is a great way to create something unique and that with motivation and a desire to improve, you can do anything. It is therefore important for us to incorporate courage and passion into all of our projects. Find solutions that help our customers, motivate our employees, create a pleasant working atmosphere and a quick-witted team.

Modesty, harmony, love, respect and positive thinking are essential to our team. This should be of exceptional value in performing their work within the company.


Yoana Montero ltd is a UK company situated in London. The company was founded in 2019 by Yoana Montero. To learn more please visit